Portable Game Console 16G 2.6Inch Color Lcd For Ps1/Cps/Neogeo/Gba/Nes/Mdgbc/Gb/Atari Games Handheld Game Console Yellow

Portable Game Console 16G 2.6Inch Color Lcd For Ps1/Cps/Neogeo/Gba/Nes/Mdgbc/Gb/Atari Games Handheld Game Console Yellow
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Oписание продукта

High Quality OSSC HDMI Converter Kit for Retro Game Console for PS1 PS2 / Xbox one 360 / Atari Series / Dreamcast / Sega Series


- This is a solution based on FGPA technology to present retro games with excellent picture quality on a PC monitor or TV.
- Let your retro console return to the game in perfect condition.
- Don\'t worry about blurry graphics, interlaced jams, and higher input lags, and no painstaking upgrades.
- OSSC concept adopted without delay line multiplier will take you into the digital age.


Suitable for the following retro game consoles:

Home consoles
For Atari 2600
For Atari 5200
For Atari Jaguar
For Microsoft Xbox
For Microsoft Xbox 360
For NEC PC Engine
For Nintendo 64
For Nintendo NES / Famicom
For Nintendo Gamecube
For Nintendo Super NES / Super Famicom
For NintendoW-ii
For Sega Dreamcast
For Sega Genesis / Mega Drive
For Sega Master System
For Sega Saturn
For SNK Neo Geo
For PS / PS 2
Atari 8-bit family
For Commodore Amiga
For Commodore 64
For MGT Sam Coupé
For Sinclair ZX Spectrum
For Arcade Boards
For Capcom CPS-II
For Data East Caveman Ninja Hardware
For Irem M92
For Nintendo Playchoice 10
For Namco Gaplus
For Sega Model 2
For Seibu SPI
For SNK Hal 21
For SNK Neo Geo MVS
For Sony ZN-1
For Taito F2
For Taito FX-1B
For Taito F3
For Toaplan V1
For Toaplan V2
Process (line doubles) retro game with no input delay 
- Unlike other scalers, such as the XRGB Mini, OSSC works on a single scan line instead of one frame at a time, which means there is no input delay (if you really want to be precise, a few nanoseconds).

Convert SCART and Component to DVI / HDMI
- Input 480p component video signals from the Wii and get a perfectly processed 480p HDMI or DVI (with simple adapter) image. The quality is flawless!

Convert VGA to DVI / HDMI
- Connect Dreamcast directly to the unit and enjoy HDMI processing for all games, not just those that support 480p.


Convert analog audio to digital DVI / HDMI * NEW *
- The analog audio of the retro game console will be converted to digital audio and injected into the HDMI / DVI output (requires a compatible TV, processor or AV receiver. The analog audio output is still available for the desired settings).

Fast deinterlacing
- Tired of the high input lag of interlaced games? OSSCs de-interlacers are lagging! Note that this does mean that the image quality of the interlaced source is degraded, but this is inevitable. A pass mode is also included in which an interlaced signal is sent directly to the TV for processing.


    1 X SCART - Supports RGBs (clean csync, cvideo sync, luma sync), RGsB, Ypbpr
    1 X Component video - Supports Ypbpr and RGsB signals
    1 X D-SUB15 (VGA) - Supports RGBHV, RGBs, RGsB, Ypbpr
    2 x 3.5mm analogue audio - Supports all analogue audio. Input 1 can be toggled between output (from AV1/SCART) or input
    Composite video and S-Video are NOT supported and require an adapter/transcoder

    1 X HDMI or DVI-D (with adapter) (digital only, including audio). Full-range 24-bit RGB output through DVI/HDMI
    1 X Analogue audio 3.5mm (input/output toggle)

Supported input resolutions
    240p/288p/480i/576i 15khz
    25Khz medium-res modes
    480p/576p/720p/1080i 31khz

Supported output resolutions
    240p/288p -> 480p/576p or 720p line triple (compatible displays only)
    240p/288p -> 1280×960, 1280×1152, 1080p, 1600×1200 line quadruple/quintuple (compatible displays only)
    25Khz medium-res modes -> 480p
    480i/576i -> 480p/576p or pass-through
    480p -> pass-through or 960p line-double (compatible displays only)
    all other 31khz resolutions passed through

Other features
    Back lit LCD
    SD Card socket for firmware updates
    JTAG connector
    IR receiver

Power requirements
    DC 5V 1 Amp - 2.1 x 5.5mm positive tip