Doersupp 1pcs Black 100lbs/45kg Gripper General Purpose Panel Carrier System Handle Hand Tools

Doersupp 1pcs Black 100lbs/45kg Gripper General Purpose Panel Carrier System Handle Hand Tools
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lamp house, new, could be used on E-filming 131 or 147 digital carrier.

Please read followings before you order:
We deliver worldwide, if it shows the courier doesn;t reach your country,
or if you need something that does not show on web,please contact us.
or if you need to buy a few items in one order, 
you can contact us for sending the link or amend courier cost.
and the selling price does not include import taxes.
We will not accept changing or return the order since confirm,for any differences for each batch product, or the factory change the material,color,design or packing of the goods.we don;t accept refund for any reasonable deviation including sizes,so long as it doesn;t affect its usage. and some parts have unique batch no. for each prduct expecially for the IC, but the parameter and goods are the same, please note
or if you have questions, please contact us before you order it.
the picture is only for reference,please make the object as the standard.and the color may look a little difference for light problem.when we mention made in China, the material and quality etc. does not exactly like the original one, only the substitute one, but it will work fine
The condition for each used items is different, it maybe not exactly same as the picture on the web, but we will guarrantee it work well. it allows some marks or other small flaws for used items on it like scrath for normal use.
when refer to warranty goods or repair goods, we only responsible for repair for normal use, not include other fees like tax or courier cost etc.
sometimes if we don;t have enough stock for China made goods, we may send some original one or Japan made instead, and we don;t accept dispute or return goods for that.
For all goods deliver to Brazil country, need your tax id no.(except send by EMS), so please kindly inform the tax no. when you place an order with us.
To Russian countries, need the full name of receiver, and goods could be deliverd by EMS /China post mail /EUB only, please note.
We have the right not to accept return for some goods since order confirm,so better confirm before you place the order. if we can not contact the buyer by email,message,call etc. after order, we will choose the way that we think is better to send the goods.
We offer full range of minilab parts for Noritsu,Fuji,konica and other China made minilabs, like doli,tianda,Sophia minilab.
Main products include:
         1. Noritsu / Fuji /China made minilab machine
         2. original,China made & used minilab spare parts
         3. minilab accessories and minilab necessities
         4. repair service, such as minilab laser, aom,PCB, power supply etc.
         5. digital carrier for Noritsu/Fuji/Konica and other minilabs
        6. LCD and LCD driver for most brand of minilabs.
Skype: idaminilab
Tel: 0086 18376713855
Our product include:
J390499 SCANNER DRIVER PCB,Minilab Plus,minilaby,NORITSU QSF V30 SM,NORITSU QSS 2901,Noritsu QSS2211 + E-Filming,FUJI SFA 238 + FP230,SFA238+E-Filming,Fuji FRONTIER 500,NORITSU 3501 S12,NORITSU 3502 S12,NORITSU 3202 S12,NORITSU 3201 S12,FujiFrontier 500,Konica QD21Plus,NORITSU 3501 S4,DIPS PRO80LDD,SFA 238 + C-Carrier PRO,RA DIGITAL With Film Scanner,noritsu laser printer,QSS-31 PRO,Prismlab TDS-1811,minilab aps,Minilab Process Filter,DOLI PHOTOGRAPHIC,doliminilabs,Frontier350,Frontier340,Frontier330,digitaICE,QSS-3101Digital,QSS-2721DLS,Mini Lab Qss-3011,Noritsu 31 Pro,digitalcontactprinting,Noritsu 2301 Conversion,Noritsu 2611 Conversion,Digital Contact Printing 26N1 Kit,Digital Contact Printing 23N1 Kit,FUJI FRONTIER 330,CPDM 23N1,CPDM 26N1,CPDM 812F,CPDM 812N2,Noritsu switch,Noritsu Belt,Noritsu DC Motor,Noritsu Stepping Motor,Noritsu sensor,technical support noritsu,FRONTIER370,FRONTIER550,FRONTIER570,FRONTIER590,QSF-430L,QSF-V30,QSS-3501 Digital,QSS-3502 Digital,NORITSU I061229s,QSS3501(WITH SCANNER),Noritsu 3202 RA4


a203719 01 spacer a220565 01 roller,noritsu spare parts a035192-00,noritsu qss 3001 roller,new blue laser gun hk-9356-0,i053171-00,noritsu dark room,a74137,a068036,a903591,h153056-00,noritsu ink cartridge,racks noritzu 2301,ink ribbon for noritsu,noritsu 3501 ribbon,noritsu d003889-00,h153066,noritsu lps 24 pro dryer fan motor,h153260-00,h153267-00,a047651-01,h153070,a041376-00 noritsu,noritsu qss 2611 filter,noritsu a074137,a074708,b013222-01,a047719 noritsu,a050695-01,120 afc carrier rings for noritsu,120 afc noritsu,roller noritsu,w409946-01,board for noritsu 3301 j391268,noritsu printer io board j391268,noritsu paper cassettes,a043771 00

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dl2300 dl 2300 digital minilab lcd



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396021083a,konica r1 spare parts

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