The design of living room decoration decoration bar beast skull resin glass crafts deer Skull

The design of living room decoration decoration bar beast skull resin glass crafts deer Skull
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Product Name: Five cornucopia


Glass belongs to valuable works of art, for two reasons: First, the special healing glass material, and its production process is quite complex, the fire, the water to go to dozens of procedures to complete, and some light manufacturing process going ten to twenty days, and mainly rely on hand. Very difficult to grasp all aspects of its heat to grasp the difficulty can be said that half rely more skill half luck. Only released one, the yield is only 70%. More critical is the healing glass can not be recycled, which means that once a little problem, ten days, dozens of procedures, the efforts of many people immediately go down the drain. Second, the glass is not just a material, but also a cultural product, and more importantly, the glass products are unique, no two identical glass products.

How to identify the "glass of water" and healing glass
In recent years, the market appeared a large number of low price of the "water glass" products, in fact, this is a "fake glass" products, not a real glass, but because the business was deliberately misleading consumers, will have "water glass." In dialect habit in most parts of China, "parallel" meaning "false" or "imitation", so the true meaning of the water glass is "fake glass." Water glass in a transparent plastic resin plus pigment casting products made of resin, which is characterized by low-cost, low-tech, simple process, easy to mass production, with the main difference in the glass:
"Water glass," the material is resin, Crystal and other chemical raw materials, similar to the transparent plastic, which is characterized by:
A, color: clear chemical pigments, with plastic products.
B, density: equivalent to plastic, much lighter than a real glass, businesses often combine water with lots of glass, metal accessories, with its confusion in terms of weight, and some bad business to deceive consumers, often in bottom water glass products, hidden lead weights and other heavy objects to create "real glass" illusion, consumers only need to see through carefully distinguished.
C, the sound: the plastic the same.
D, transparency: clear cloudy, not transparent
E, retention time: one to two years after beginning to fade, poor sense of permeability day. In layman\\\'s terms: the longer, the more like plastic.
Identification of ancient glass features:
A, Color: Crystal and glass have different colors, but all with a solid color based, will burst or turbid after mixing. Only ancient glass can have a hybrid variety of colors, and transparent as before.
B, density: the density of the healing glass was significantly higher than the glass, slightly higher than the crystal, and feel smooth.
C, the sound: gently tap the healing glass will be metal sound.
D, transparency: The boundary between the glass and crystal, occasional firing small amount of bubbles generated by the flow process.
E, retention time: indefinitely from the material point of view, ancient glass never change, today unearthed from the tomb of ancient glass HW Liu Sheng ear cup is still color, such as new, carved as before.
Water glass prices are not particularly expensive, that is hundreds of times 100-200 cost price; the cost price of the healing glass is high, where boutique full of collectible value.
Glass bubbles of reasons:
General glass material because in 1400 ~ 1300 high temperature firing, glass in the liquid state, containing air has surfaced surface, so little or no bubbles. But most cast glass works of art and more to 850 low temperature firing, hot glass paste flows slowly, the air between the glass block, due to inability to rise to the surface and the natural formation of bubbles, artists and many more performance glass bubble texture of life, and become part of the appreciation of glass art.
How to maintain the glass
Due to the hardness of glass is relatively strong, equivalent strength nephrite. But also more brittle, can not beat or hit hard, so we have a glass after work, pay attention to its maintenance, maintenance should note the following:
(1) can not impact or friction, so as to avoid surface scratches.
(2) holding at room temperature, the real-time temperature difference is not too large, in particular, can not themselves be heated or cooled.
(3) at a flat smooth, should not be placed directly on the desktop, it is best to have a gasket.
(4) it is appropriate to wipe clean water, the use of tap water, to be standing for at least 12 hours, keeping the gloss glass surfaces with a clean, must not greasy foreign matter.
(5) Avoid gas and sulfur, chlorine and other contacts.