[ZOB] Original German FLT35 CTRL 1.5/1 surge protection device of lightning protection device 35KA

[ZOB] Original German FLT35 CTRL 1.5/1 surge protection device of lightning protection device 35KA
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Products Introduction

AP 160B/120B / 100B/80B series is a single-pole, Chase sensitive traffic surge protection, low voltage electrical devices designed to protect against the hazards switching surges, lightning and electromagnetic pulse generated by the design, product modularity, standard 35mm rail mounting, easy installation and maintenance. The use of energy-sensitive components and advanced technology crafted Lightning, with the surge discharge capacity, low voltage protective level, fast response and no wheeling and other characteristics;

AP 160B/120B / 100B/80B  NPE high-energy gas discharge tube technology, and 160B/100B/80B common use, installed between the neutral line N and the protective earth PE, with a very large through traffic.

Product Features:

1, built-in multi-stage thermal trip device that provides reliable protection for the normal operation of the power supply network

2, Low voltage protection level, fast response, no freewheeling

3, fault indication window, using the color red alert prompts the user for protection has failed

4, Pressure-sensitive high-energy surge protector can withstand the maximum peak 8/20us pulse of 80 ~ 160kA

5, additional optional remote signal alarm terminals, providing remote fault monitoring


         AP  160B                                120B                                 100B                                     80B

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Technical Data




    Applied LPZ0A LPZ1 zone interface with phase L, between the neutral line and the protection line PE and N-phase lines L and neutral N potential connection between the power line installed in low-voltage power supply system 220/380V Department or the total distribution disk, it can be used to protect single-phase network (with two 100B), can also be used to protect a three-phase network (four or three 100B); 100B also with NPE-100B-specific modules constitute a "1 +1" or "3 +1" mode, for TT, IT, TN-S, TN-C and TN-CS system provides lightning or power surge overvoltage protection.

To further reduce power surges and lightning damage, but also at the installation level II AP 40C overvoltage protector in downstream LPZ1 and LPZ2 interface (such as distribution boards). 

Product Installation

Power phase line (L), neutral (N), respectively, corresponding surge protectors access terminals to ensure secure and reliable, and the surge protector ground and ground to make a good electrical connection.    




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