Autel Maxisys MS906BT OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Tool Key Programmer ECU Coding Diagnostic Tool OBD2 Scanner Code Reader

Autel Maxisys MS906BT OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Tool Key Programmer ECU Coding Diagnostic Tool OBD2 Scanner Code Reader
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Oписание продукта

Rolling Code PKE Car Alarm System W HAA Flip Key Remote Control Push Start Remote Start Stop Engine Password Keyboard
This is an intelligent PKE (passive keyless entry) car alarm with remote engine start push button start function. Automatically lock or unlock the car when owner approach or left the car in 3-5 meters---PKE car owner


This product is a universal model it suitable for all kinds of DC 12V cars BUT the blank keys on the 2 remote controls only available for these cars: VW PASSAT, BORA, GOLF, AUDI A6, SKODA, POLO, TOURAN, CADDY, SAGITAR, MAGOTAN, SEAT, etc. Besides, the blank keys are stationary on the 2 remote controls and CAN NOT change to other blank keys. If your car not belong to above cars, please DO NOT buy this product. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further question, we will answer your question within 24 hours as usual. Thank you very much!!!

NOTES: Because our freight forwarder CAN NOT accept any package with battery inside to overseas by air, so we will take out the batteries from remote controls before shipment. Buyer should buy batteries for the 2 remote controls after received products. The battery model is CR2032, very easy to buy it in retail stores or supermarket. Please tell us if you have any further question. We answer most questions in less than 12 hours.
IMPORTANT: If you roriginal car already equipped with car HID, after you install our system, you need to add a more than 40A normally open relay on ON2 wire to increase the output power.
Main function
Passive keyless entry system
Push button start stop engine
Remote start stop engine
Auto arming/disarming
Auto central door lock
Turn on/off PKE function
Car owner identify
Trunk release by remote control
Shock sensor and LED alarm
Service mode, mute mode
Detect car situation by itself
Rolling code protection
Side door alarm trigger
Illegal start alarm
Alarm memory
Product user manual
1. Passive Arm/Lock status:
When the remote is taken out of 3-5 meters, siren will sound one time, direction light flashes one time, then the system will be in arming status automatically and lock car door automatically. Under the mute mode, siren stops sounding, only light flashes.
2. Passive Disarm/Unlock status:
When the remote is within 2 meters, then the system will be automatically in disarm status and unlock. Under the mute mode, siren stops sounding, only light flashes.
3. Mute Arm or Disarm
Manually press remote middle button once,system is in the mute arm status, if want to exit mute mode, press remote unlock button one time, and then press middle button once. Under the mute mode, only flash light, no siren sound when trigger alarm.
4. PKE Function Enable&Disable
4.1) In disarm status, hold the lock button+ unlock button concurrently for 6 seconds, the siren will sound once, direction light will flash one time, it indicates that the alarm system’s PKE unction is abled, under this mode, only remote lock or nlock car door,however, if repeat same action again, the siren sounds third times, direction light flashes 3 times, PKE function is disabled!
4.2) If never use remote more than 2days, PKE function will be auto off, this feature is to save remote power!
5.Remote Start Instructions:
5.1) In arming mode, hold the remote lock button more than 5seconds, siren sounds 1time, direction light flashes 1 time, engine attemps to start, when engine start is finished, direction light will flash 6 times to remind. if you want to remote stop engine ,please excute above same operation.
5.2) Remote start car engine,car engine will be off automatically within 10 minutes if you have not unlocked the car door and press the brake.
5.3) If engine is in running, it won’t be auto off if smart keys are out of the pke antennas induction range. This is for safety purpose.
5.4) If engine is under the off status, smart key is out of the pke antenna induction range, anyone could not start and drive the car without smart key, this is smart key identification recognized function.
5.5) Remember to connect handbrake wire if you want to remote start!
5.6) Remote to connect black oil path wire if you want to remote start!oil path wire is positive power, it has power only when start, but after engine is stopped, oil path wire has not any power!
6.Alarm memory:
In arming, if car alarm was triggered before, siren will 3 times, turning light will flash 3 times when you disarm car, it tells car owner that car was intruded! under the mute status, siren won’t make sound!
7.Unproper closing door remind:
Turn off the car engine, car owner forgets to close the car door well, and then press remote arm or auto arm, car turning light will flash 4 times, siren will sound 4 times, it tells car owner to closer the car doors properly. If car door is still closed unproperly, system won’t make  further remind. Under the mute status,siren also makes sound alarm remind!
8.Shocking Sensor and LED arm
9.Smart key program:
Firstly power on, hold the learning button until car turning light keeps ON, system enters learning mode, and then press any buttons of remote, learning is finished. You must finish 2 remote learning within 10 
seconds. Also this learning button is reset button, you can hold this button to emergency disarm when trigger illegal alarm.
10.Open door flash light:
When you want to park the car in the driving way, engine is running, open the car, car turning direction light will flash 8 times to remind rear cars of possible risks.
11.Remote Open Trunk:
Under the any modes, hold the middle button of smart key for 5seconds, trunk is released automatically! Our trunk release is negative output, if your trunk output way is positive trigger, please add one 5pins relay to switch!
12.Side Door Alarm:
Under the arming status, if someone tries to open the side door illegally etc, system alarm will be triggered automatically, siren will sound, direction light will flash!
13.Central Lock Automatication:
Open the car door, press the footbrake, start car engine, after 15 seconds, car doors will be locked automatically; In driving, after turning off the car engine, all car doors will be auto unlocked.
14.Emergency Disarm:
If you lost 2pcs smart keys or 2pcs smart keys were damaged! How to emergency disarm? At this time, hold the emergency reset button until alarm is disarmed after almost 7 seconds. At this time,car owner 
could drive the car like before! If never make a ignition after emergency disarm, after almost 2 minutes, system will be auto arm again, press emergency button once, system exits the emergency mode!
15.Handbrake checking:
As for manual transmission car, connecting handbrake wire to handbrake switch, but as for auto transmission car,connecting handbrake wire to car metal body.
16.Service Mode:
Under the car engine off status, hold the remote unlock button, system enters service mode, PKE function is auto be off, press unlock button again, PKE function is auto returned to normal status.
17.Push start stop engine:
17.1) Unlock car door, press the brake, press button once to start or stop engine;
17.2) Unlock car door, in the winter,  press the brake, hold the button to start stop engine;
17.3) Unlock car door, without pressing the brake, hold the button to start engine!
17.4) Unlock car door, without pressing the brake, press button each time, it will be ACC-ON-OFF as a circle!
FRIENDLY REMINDER: If your original remote control(s) with a “start chip” inside, you need to buy a extra bypass module. Otherwise you can not use the remote engine start function & push button start function. Any copied keys also can not start your engine if you not install a bypass module. If you are not sure whether there is a “start chip” in your original remote control(s), we suggest you can ask for help from your car vendor or a professional auto technician. if necessary, you can buy the bypass module from follow link: