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Recommended Tank Chassis

Wall-e chassis (with hall speed)

Product description: theTank chassis novel style, exquisite appearance beautiful, chassis braces and gear are all metal building, firm and stable, double motor power traction (carbon brush motor is imported, the metal gear, with Hall speed sensor), strong, fast running smoothly, high stability, forward and backward, turning left and right, circles and turning is flexible characteristics, the centre fuselage reserved a steering gear installation port, for customers to install the steering gear to provide convenient, and the chassis platform wide, for the customer installation control circuit to provide enough space, and below the chassis platform with a bracket, customers can used to install the battery.

Product size: 208x226x94mm (length x width x height)
Motor operating voltage: 6 to 12V(full metal gear brushless motor, with Hall measurement, voltage 9, speed of 200 left turn per minute, black line in the circuit board is negative, white as cathode, the other for feedback circuit)

(pls note this product will come as parts and you should DIY)
Real figure is as follows: