Full Range Pro Anti Spy Bug Detector Wireless Camera Hidden Signal GPS RF GSM Devices Finder Scanner Privacy Protect Security

Full Range Pro Anti Spy Bug Detector Wireless Camera Hidden Signal GPS RF GSM Devices Finder Scanner Privacy Protect Security
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Oписание продукта

RF Signal Detector With Auto Threshold Bug Detector Wireless Camera Detector Anti Eavesdropping Device Full-range With Alarm 




★ This device applies with fuzzy  scanning technology  to detect spy cameras,bugs,cellphones and other radio frequency devices.This device surely avoids being peeping or tapping to protect privacy or protect  information being disclosed secretly.

★ Some users have problem of tuning the sensitivity tuner or adjusting the sensitivity of current  detectors. They might set the detecting benchmark too high or too low,then they felt the detector was too sensitive (always beeping) or too stupid (detecting in only short distance.To prevent such inconvenience or miss setting, we develop this new model to solve user\'s problem and reduce distributor\'s bother.


This  RF Signal Detector / Camera Detector / Cell Phone Detector /Bug Detectorapplies"digit (numeric) display to show the sensitivity level". With up and down buttons, user knows the sensitivity setting directly.


Main Function:


The number of LED lit shows the signal strong or weak, more LED stronger signal closer signal source.

★ Gain longer detection distance in low noise environment

When you switch on, if only the very left LED goes Green, this means the environment is clean with low background noise. You can press the UP button twice and the Digit display will show 8; and you will get highest sensitivity detecting threshold to have longest detecting distance of this device.

★ Wired camera detection

This device has an extra lens finder.The 8 ultra-bright lights can scan the camera lens and help to find out the wired camera by checking the reflection of illuminated light on the camera lens.

Look through the Viewfinder on Lens finder,it is more easily to identify the camera lens.This lens finder also can uncover a hidden wireless camera even the camera is turned off.



★ Find (locate) the signal source

1.When detecting the signal,hold the device to scan half around,Forward one footstep to the strongest signal direction.

2.Press once the Down button to reduce the sensitivity,Hold  the device to scan half around and forward one footstep to the strongest signal direction.

3.Repeat above steps,you will approach and approach and then get the signal source.

★ Sensitivity adjustment / interference (background noise) elimination

when switching on,the sensitivity of this device will stay at default threshold and the Digit display is at 6.

If the environment has higher background noise,some of the LEDs will light up and the alarm of detector will beep.  Press once the DOWN button in the side of detector, the digit display will show 5.  If the LEDs put out and leave only  the very left LED going Green and no alarm go off , this is the suitable threshold.


This device can detect and locate GSM / 3G bug (hidden microphone) and 3G spy camera which are applied GSM / 3G technology to be remote controlled by cellphone from anywhere.

★ Silent detection

This device has two kinds of silent detection:

1.change to vibration mode

2. use earphone.

★ Battery low warning

If your detector is turned on,and the very right Red LED lights up,it means the battery runs down.Please recharge the battery.





● Detect spy cameras,bugs,cellular phones and other radio frequency devices.

● Easy setting for suitable benchmark.

● Gain longer detecting distance in low noise environment.

● Confusion free with factory default benchmark.

● Battery low warning.

● Sensitivity adjustment / Interference (Background noise) Elimination.

● Wired camera Detection,can expose all camera lens.

● Superior Sensitivity with long detection range, up to 15 meters.

● Easy to use, can detect in any place, and easy to carry.


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