Free Shipping Garment Steamer Cherry pink Steam iron Home appliances

Free Shipping Garment Steamer Cherry pink Steam iron Home appliances
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Discharge must be measured before capacitance measurement!!!

Accuracy 0.3%. The bridge is DIY, and it needs welding assembly!Please choose your own package.Need to have time, but also electronic knowledge and practical ability!Standard bridge element test kit.

HC HP, red clip, LC LP, black clip

Measuring battery internal resistance:Resistance check,With a 400--630V CBB capacitor voltage of about 1uF--5uF on the ESR connection, low capacitance, high voltage with security. Measure the ESR1 of the CBB capacitor first, and then measure the whole ESR2 in series. The equivalent internal resistance of the battery is esr2-esr1

Externally available12V lead-acid batteries or three section 18650(With an external battery, the interference is smaller and the measurement value is more stable than the switch adapter

beltHUAWEIHigh quality 12V 1.0A power adapter, aluminum housing bracket, 18650, three section battery box +Insurancesilk+DC line(18650 batteries must beBe careful not to short-circuit! And over discharge)

Note: after the whole machine is assembled, only the open circuit and short circuit are cleared and compensated

AlsoWhen changing different test fixtures, reset them

The main board has been calibrated to 0.3%. Please do not restore the default parameters!!! (default parameter accuracy is 0.5%)

Be carefulDon\'tSuch operation:PressMenu (Menu) the key enters the main menu.Then pressRangeRNG)Key goes into calibration mode , Press again CKey,The current item calibration data will be cleared!!!

Third: 100Hz 1KHz bridge test frequency 7.8KH

Default Shen(Xinjiang Tibet remote areas sent SF, reasonable price, please contact customer service to change freight)

Sending 60.1% precision resistance verification accuracy and subsequent calibration:

40 European, 1K, 3k, 9K, 10K, 100K

Aluminum shell size: 150*115*35 plastic shell size 200*175*70

I. Xu\'s overview:bookLCRDigital bridge, mainly used for accurate determination of componentsL,C,RParameters with wide measuring range and high accuracy. Play with ore radios, most of the components neededDIYThere is no nominal technical parameter. For example, it is necessary to know the reactance characteristics of resonant devices, detection devices, antennas, headsets, transformers and other devices. Among them, high frequency parameters can be usedQTables solve problems while low-frequency parametersQMeter difficult to determine. In order to solve this problem, the author thinksLCRDigital bridge is competent.

· design objectives:1Capable of accurately measuring reactorL,C,RAccuracy is better than0.5%If the file calibration is carried out, the accuracy is better0.3%

2Easy to draw materials, simple circuit, easy to manufacture, the cost should be properly controlled. Make it more amateurDIYValue and research value, and through design,DIYLearn toLCRThe relevant details and principles of electric bridge.

· BenLCRTable basic characteristicsADNumber of converters: approx.1000The oversampling technique is used, and the effective resolution is approximately4000word

Measurement method: quasi bridge measurement, measuring principle similar to the proportion method of measuring resistance.

Main measuring range:1To Europe0.5Trillion, accuracy0.5%(Theory) the impedance comparison is not over0.3%

Range: resistance: effective measurement range: 2 to 10 ohm Europe, the minimum resolution of about 0.5— 1 cents Europe
Inductance: 0.02uH resolution, measuring range 0.1uH to 1000H, beyond the 1000H not tested (theoretically can also be measured)
Capacitance: resolution is related to clamps. If the fixture is good, it can distinguish the 0.05pF effectively, and can\'t distinguish between 0.1pF and even 1pF only. The upper limit is not tested. Only the 10000uF capacitor has been measured. There is no greater capacitance on the hand

Discharge must be measured before capacitance measurement!!!

U measured 192 thousand uF

(U measured to 80 thousand uF)

U measured 130 thousand uF

Test frequency: 100HZ 1KHZ 7.8KHZ 3

Aluminum inner shellLCR patch board 140 yuan

Kelvin plug-in folder 32 yuan

Kelvin patch test clip 38 yuan

Shell kit 69 yuan:

wholeNew 2004 screen 23 yuan

Functional characteristics of bridge V3.0:

The main display1999.9Count, vice, show999.9count
2Measurement frequency:100HZ/1KHZ/7.8KHZ

The measurement of voltage:0.2Vrms

The output impedance:40Ω

The basic precision:0.3%

6LCRAutomatic identification / manual measurement

Open / short, calibration and compensation

Main parameter display:

Cp:Capacitor parallel mode
Cs:Capacitor series mode
Lp:Inductance parallel mode
Ls:Inductive series mode
Rp:Resistor parallel mode
Rs:Resistance series mode
Auxiliary reference display:
Q:Quality factor
D:Loss factor
θ:phase angle
Rp:Equivalent shunt resistance
ESR:Equivalent series resistance

Xp:Equivalent shunt reactance

Xs:Equivalent series reactance

Operating instructions:

1Automatic measurement

When the instrument is switched on, the default state is auto identification mode (AUTO), and the default measurement frequency is 1KHz.

In the automatic mode, the instrument automatically identifies the impedance characteristics of the measured object, automatically selects the main parameters of L, C or R, and is suitable for the series parallel mode.

In automatic measurement mode, the series and parallel modes are determined according to the impedance of the tested object. When the impedance is high (> 10K&Omega), the parallel mode is selected; when the impedance is low (< 10K&Omega), the series connection mode is selected.

2L / C / R mode measurement parameters

1)The main parameter selection, in the boot state default AUTO, press “ mode (X) ” key parameters are selected as “ AUTO → AUTO-C → AUTO-L; AUTO&rdquo → AUTO-R; →

Note 1: in series mode is “ ESR” in parallel mode is “ RP” Xs / Xp is activated only at main parameter R (resistance).

3Series parallel measurement mode selectionIn the corresponding main mode, press “ the value (R) ” the key, the parameter is selected as &ldquo in turn; AUTO- → P → S → AUTO-”.

4Measuring frequencyThis bridge, providing 3 frequency test points: 100HZ/1KHZ/7.8KHZ default frequency 1KHz, press “ frequency (F) ” key to select different frequencies to measure “ 1KHZ → 7.8KHZ → 100HZ → 1KHZ”.

5Open circuit / short circuit calibration compensationThe measuring clamp is in open or short circuit state, according to “ zeroing (C) ” key can sweep frequency open / short circuit calibration compensation. (measuring clamp open circuit press “ zeroing (C) ” key can sweep frequency open circuit; clear test clip short circuit; press C button to do short-circuit clearing)

6.Relative measurement

In the measurement mode, press the &ldquo parameter (Q); ” key will record the current measured value and enter the relative measurement mode, press &ldquo again; the parameters of (Q) ” key or mode switch, will exit the relative measurement. In the relative measurement mode, the secondary participants show the relative error in the recorded value of the measured object, which is expressed as a percentage.
The range of expression is: -99.9% to +99.9%

Measuring battery internal resistance: string 1uF high voltage CBB, the total value minus CBB ESR

U test chart:

1000uF 16V

Teacher Xu electric bridge plastic shell desktop machine kit: