2 or 2.25 or 2.5 3 Electric Stainless Exhaust Cutout Cut Out Dump Valve/switch Remote Control Car Tail Throat Modification

2 or 2.25 or 2.5 3 Electric Stainless Exhaust Cutout Cut Out Dump Valve/switch Remote Control Car Tail Throat Modification
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ame:Valve exhaust pipe 
pattern:Three modes are available 
1:single Valve exhaust pipe 
2:Valve exhaust pipe With the controller 
3:Valve exhaust pipe With vacuum pump controller 
interface size:optional 51mm(2") 63mm(2.5") 70mm(2.75") 76mm(3") 
Valve exhaust pipe With the controller Open the way: 
original vacuum of the car controls opening or closing Valve exhaust pipe 
With vacuum pump controller Open the way: 
vacuum pump opens or closes 
Exhaust system refers to the system of collecting and discharging engine exhaust, including exhaust manifold, three-way catalyst, muffler, tail pipe. Exhaust can be divided into two types: negative pressure type and direct pressure type. Automobile manufacturers will set exhaust to negative pressure type when manufacturing automobiles. When the engine is working, the exhaust gas from each cylinder will also be discharged in a certain sequence, in the form of pulse from the cylinder, which will be collected through the exhaust manifold to a exhaust pipe road, which will generate wave after wave of air, and go out of the pipe in a queue. In this case, the first exhaust gas will produce some vacuum pressure, namely negative pressure, which can help the exhaust gas from the back row to be more smoothly discharged. In this way, when the engine speed is low, this structure can indirectly improve the exhaust efficiency of the engine, thus achieving the purpose of improving the low torsion. The negative pressure exhaust pipe orifice set by the original factory is small, and the silencer drum is also complex, which forces the exhaust gas not to be discharged smoothly and produces negative pressure. Although the noise is small, this structure can increase the low-speed torque, but when the high speed is running, the exhaust blockage will be generated and the output power will be affected. Although the original factory will be set like this, the relatively neutral performance characteristics can meet the majority of the population, and the noise is not very big, but after all, some fans who love cars are not satisfied with the status quo, the irascible sound wave is the effect they want, and the straight exhaust can meet their requirements for cars. Straight out of the exhaust, simplifies the exhaust manifold block exhaust output device, such as smooth as possible of the exhaust gas from engine exhaust to the atmosphere, most spending exhaust are used to after a straight pipe, of course not turning device, such as negative pressure exhaust exhaust exhaust voice big many, or noise. shortcomings of the exhaust is also very obvious, completely didn\'t consider the engine at low speed when the need for back pressure, straight out of the exhaust is generally appeared on the converted supercar performance or high performance, the car at the end of the day is to good performance, can use straight out of the exhaust, low speed were offset by powerful engine power, high speed smooth and does not affect the engine exhaust. The straight out exhaust structure is simpler, especially on the rear muffler, the exhaust can pass through the exhaust pipe faster, thus achieving the purpose of efficient exhaust. Its advantage is to make the engine exhaust smooth, high speed torque. So the question is, is there a kind of exhaust that can not only satisfy the increase of torque at low speed, but also not affect the smooth flow of exhaust at high speed, which can not only have high sound of exhaust, but also can make a quiet cat when needed? The answer is -- yes! Variable valve exhaust system is our ideal exhaust, but what is it? Variable valve exhaust technology is not sophisticated, add an adjustable valve in the pipeline according to the owner\'s intention (manual) or the engine speed (automatic), become quiet, take care of low torsional back pressure exhaust, or sound heated, attention to high turn performance straight out exhaust. variable valve is driven by a vacuum pump, similar to the bypass valve on the turbocharger, which controls the opening and closing of the valve to determine whether the exhaust flow is smooth or not. It can be done by thinking of control and computer control. Comment on: With the exhaust, low torque, high transfer is not weak, blaring Fried street, home fine silent, I don\'t know what to choose its reason, oh by the way, the price expensive is the only drawback, the same product than double around your without exhaust valve, hope you choose according to their own needs to buy.7893