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Oписание продукта

2 axis CNC controller for plasma cutting flame cutter precision SH-2012AH1 laser cutter replace SH-2012AH

​This model is new version of SH-2012AH, old SH-2012AH is not produced any more. 

1.1 Controller Function

SH-2012AH-QG is used for CNC plasma/flame cutting machines. It runs after parameter setup and

function selection. Different interface and menu will show.

* SH-2012AH-QG is widely used for many areas, such as metal fabrication, advertisement, stone, etc.

* It has anti plasma interference, anti lightning stroke, anti surge, etc. based on its perfect design.

* It has advanced cutting technology, such as corner speed automatic control, torch height control,

wireless remote control, etc.

* Kerf compensation function and check whether it is proper, then report to the user for reference.

* Break point resume, auto power break resume, break point memory.

* Random section selection and pierce point selection.

* Thick plate outside edge pierce and thin plate cross-bridge function.

* During return, section selection and break point resume, pierce position is selected at random.

* Move cutting any time.

* Small section technology for better cutting.

* 24 common shapes in graphic library (can add new shapes).

* It can work with many nesting software, such as IBE, Fastcam.

* English, Russian and Chinese, motion graphics, magnify shapes to 1 ~ 8 times, moving point auto

follow, U disk carry program.

1.2 Technical Parameters

* Industrial ARM7 processor chip

* 13 optoelectronic isolation input, 8 optoelectronic isolation output

* 2 axis 

* Pulse equivalence: electronic gear, numerator and denominator setup range (1 ~ 65535)

* Store space: 32 ~ 64M

* Size: 298 X 202 X 95.2(mm)

* Working temperature: 0 ~ +40 degree

* Storage temperature: – 40 ~ +60 degree

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