B100 4P 60KA~100KA ~385V AC 3P+N SPD House Surge Protector Protective Low voltage Arrester Device Lightning protection

B100 4P 60KA~100KA ~385V AC 3P+N SPD House Surge Protector Protective Low voltage Arrester Device Lightning protection
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Oписание продукта

imageTPS B50-PRO closed lightning arresters, is a unipolar voltage switching energy surge protector. Products are small, a large surge discharge capacity, low voltage protection level, fast response, small-wheeling. Internal use compact discharge gap closed structure minimizes injection spark discharge gap and environmental contamination. Discharge gap with excellent resistance to arc erosion properties of special alloy materials, precision made, when the gap voltage does not exceed the maximum continuous operating voltage, due to the effect of clearances, the inter-electrode high-impedance state; When the voltage exceeds the ignition voltage, the gap is breakdown, arcing occurs, the surge of energy release; Meanwhile, the discharge arc extinction board crashed reduce wheeling; freewheeling completely cut off, the discharge gap has returned to a high-impedance state.
       TPS B50-PRO NPE closed lightning arresters, is constructed with TPS B50-PRO TT / TN power systems "3 +1" and "1 +1" circuit protection specifically designed specifically for the protection of the neutral line N and PE equipotential connection between.

Structure spark gap

Product Features:
 products are small, only the width of a standard installation modulus
modular, standard 35mm rail mounting, easy installation and maintenance
large energy absorption (per line 50kA, 10/350us), the output residual voltage, fast response time, small-wheeling
discharge gap with excellent arc erosion resistant properties made of special alloy materials, precision, long life
sealed with a special structure, no leakage when the spark discharge


                   TPS B50-PRO 3P+N Schematics                                                    TPS B50-PRO 4P Schematics


Products size















Products Technical

Surge arrester classification:
IEC/VDE/EN requirement category IEC/VDE/EN
  1/ B/ T1 1/ B/ T1
Max. continuous operating voltage UC255 V 255 V
Impulse current ( 10/350μs ) ( 10/350μs) Iimp50 kA 50 kA
Nominal discharge current( 8/20μs) In50 kA 50 kA
Voltage protection level UP≤2.0kV ≤1.5kV
Specific energy for class I testI W/R 625KJ/Ω 625KJ/Ω
Charge Q 25As 25As
Follow current interrupting rating Ifi3 KArms 500 Arms
Response time tA≤ 100 ns ≤ 100 ns
Short-circuit withstand capability   50 kA 50 kA
Max. backup fuse   125 AgL/gG 125 AgL/gG
TOV characteristic UT400V/5S 400V/5S
Insulation resistance Risol ≥1000MΩ ≥1000MΩ
Operating temperature T - 40- + 85
Mounting rail   1 mods. / 35 mm DIN-rail




Connecting wires
Cross-sectional area
10- 35 mm210- 35 mm2
10- 35 mm210 -35 mm2
10- 50 mm210-50 mm2



TPS B50-PRO closed lightning arresters, voltage electrical devices designed to protect against direct lightning and surge damage Cheng and design, as Class I (Class B) surge protection, low voltage power supply system installed in 220/380V grid into the line or total distribution boards for phase line L LPZ0A and LPZ1 zone interface between the neutral line N equipotential lines with protective PE and phase L and neutral N connections between the TT , IT, TN-S, TN-C and TN-C-S power supply system to provide lightning or surge over voltage protection.
Product Installation
Power phase line (L), neutral (N), respectively, corresponding surge protectors access terminals to ensure secure and reliable, and the surge protector ground and ground to make a good electrical connection.
Product Maintenance
Product no special maintenance, surge protector should be checked regularly working conditions, such as lightning put the insulation resistance of electrical resistance between the electrodes is less than 2MΩ when its front open space, the fuse is tripped, it is timely maintenance or replacement module. 


Order List


Serial Item no. Type Specification
*1 20001 TPS B50-PRO Unipolar lightning arresters,Iimp 50KA 10/350 Up≤2.0KV
2 20002 TPS B50-PRO NPE Unipolar lightning arresters,NPE,Iimp 50KA 10/350 Up≤1.5KV
*3 22005 TPS B50-PRO 4P Three-phase power Class B protect, Gap discharge,4 Modules,Iimp:50KA(10/350),Up≤2.0KV
*4 22006 TPS B50-PRO 2P Single-phase power Class B protect, Gap discharge,2 Modules,Iimp:50KA(10/350),Up≤2.0KV