PPF 3 Layers Glossy Transparent Car Paint Protection Film For Vehicle Size:1.52*15m/Roll

PPF 3 Layers Glossy Transparent Car Paint Protection Film For Vehicle Size:1.52*15m/Roll
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2mil 1x30m glass shatter resistant film safety film for home commercial building car


  • Thickness: 2mil

  • Color: clear transparent
  • Size:1x30m
Glass is a great instrument for letting us view the outside world. At the same time, it does not provide a lot of privacy. Many residential window films
consist of various color shades to provide added privacy to your home while still allowing excellent external vision.
There are various benefits with installing Safety/Security window films to your business or home, the main being protection against burglary, vandalism,
accidental damage and even bomb blast.
• Protects life and property from natural disasters including earthquakes and typhoons
• Enhances safety and security
• Qualified durability manufacturing with shockproof material adhesive coating technology
• Economical compared to safety glass
• Hard coating for scratch resistance and increased durability
• Offers high visibility
• Blocks 90% of UV rays

Without safety film when glass broken

Are  Safety and Security Window Films hurricane-proof? Bullet-proof? Burglar-proof?
No, Sunice Safety and Security Window Films are not hurricane-proof, earthquake-proof, bullet-proof, bomb-proof, nor burglar-proof. No films ever could be. They do, however, make the window glass more shatter -resistant. In the event of a wind storm, these films may have significant safety and security value. They can reduce the risk of injury from flying shards of broken glass, and possibly help prevent debris and water penetration through the window depending on the severity of the storm (and the type of glass, framing system, size and velocity of objects, and more).
In an earthquake, these films can reduce the risk of serious injury from flying shards of broken glass, and possibley prevent glass from falling out of a home or building. Again, much may depend upon the severity of the quake (and the type of glass, framing system, and more, too).
Bullets: these films are not designed to stop bullets. The consumer should be cautious of any film manufacturer claiming their product to be bullet proof or bullet resistant. In certain situations, Sunice Safety and Secuity Window Films may be applied to bullet resistant glazing – glass that is already rated to stop a specific class of bullets – to serve as an anti spall layer to prevent slivers of glass (or “spall”) from projecting.
Sunice films were originally developed due to the international concerns and needs for improved safety and security against terrorist acts of bombings. These films can significantly reduce the risk of serious injury from flying shards of glass due to blasts, however, much depends upon the severity of the blast and the proximity of the window glass to the blast (and glass type, framing system, and more too). Due to their tear resistance, flexibility and energy absorbing and dissipation properties, certain Safety and Security Window films work particularly well at mitigating blast hazards.
Sunice Safety and Security Window Films are a low-profile, easily implemented measure of security in the battle against ‘smash and grab’ crime. The tough,shatter-resistant qualities of the film can hold the window glass together even if a brick (or similar object) were actually to pass through the glass. With use of a Impact Protection Attachment system, the intruder is forced to create an opening through the filmed glass to which to pass. The thief must now make a choice; continue to attack this window, try another window, or move on. Time is short, and often they move on. However, if they are determined to gain entry, they will get in. It is generally recommended that the property have proper alarm systems in addition to  Safety and Security Window Film.
 Will  Safety and Security Window Films keep my glass from breaking?
No, Safety and Security Window Films are designed to hold broken pieces of glass together in the window opening after a break. This reduces the chanceof injury from flying shards of glass, makes it more difficult to break in through a window, as well as increases safety and security in the event of a windstorm or bomb blast. 

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