Small Type DC 12V Car Camping fishing Water Oil Diesel Fuel Pump Transfer Pump Submersible Pumps

Small Type DC 12V Car Camping fishing Water Oil Diesel Fuel Pump Transfer Pump Submersible Pumps
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Oписание продукта

Product description



3inch 600W DC48V Brushless high-speed solar deep well pump with permanent magnet synchronous motor max flow 3.0T/h for home&farming


Special note: the above price only includes the solar water pump + controller, if you need other relevant supporting products, such as solar panel, submerged pump cable, PV cable, floater, PV mounting braket, break air switch, controller box etc., please contact me.  

Product Overview


9-SSW pumps


SSW Small Power Solar Deep Well Pump
SSW series pump can be powered by DC and solar, that is pump input power.While our SZW series pump refer to pump output power. If you need power above 1000W, high-voltage solar pump is better( we can provide 3SZW,4SZW and 6SZW), which can both be powered by solar,DC and AC. For this high-voltage pump, we can use thinner cable that can reduce loss.
Main Features
1.Higher Efficiency :It is equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motor which has high speed and higher efficiency compared to asynchronous motor. 
2.Small Size and Light Weight:The volume and weight is only 1/5 of other pump in the same specification.
3.Intelligent Operation:It can control the operation by limiting the floating ball and other methods.It can switch on and switch off by setting a time. It can perform water-less protection under the well and can protect pump motor from overheating and over-current automatically.
4.The pump works both at 50HZ and 60HZ, and also the head and flow can remain unchanged under wide voltage. The output is constant when the voltage pulsation happens.
5.This pump should be worked with our exclusive controller, owns frequency control and constant velocity.
6.Energy saving and complete functions. It can be applied in industry, agriculture, petrochemical industry, medicinal industry and other kinds of water process.



Tech parameter


2SSW3-28-48-370370DC48V510 30/57 1.5/2.6 570 25/50 click here
2SSW3-45-48-550550DC48V825 45/85 1.5/2.6 590 25/50 click here
3SSW1.8-16-48-120 120DC48V180 12//16 0.5/18 420 25/75 click here
3SSW2-20-48-150150DC48V225 15/20 0.7/20 420 25/75 click here
3SSW2.5-30-48-200 200DC48V300 20/30 0.7/25 440 25/75 click here
3SSW2.6-40-48-400 400DC48V600 30/40 1/2.6 440 25/75 click here
3SSW2.7-52-48-550 600DC48V750 40/52 1/2.7 510 25/75 click here
3SSW3-63-48-600600DC48V900 48/63 1/3.0 510 25/75 click here
3SSW3-78-48-750750DC48V1125 60/78 1/3.0 510 25/75 click here
3SSW3-22-48-300300DC48V450 16//22 2/3.0 440 25/75 click here
3SSW4-33-48-550550DC48V825 22/33 2/4.0 510 25/75 click here
3SSW5-40-48-750750DC48V1125 33/40 2/5.0 510 32/75 click here

2-Flow head Curve.jpg





Product Details


6-Pump explosion drawing.jpg

Name of the Components


Snap clip




Pump motor frame


Inducting element


Cable protecting plate


Snap clip cover






Inducting element


Fasten steel strip


Rubber frame


Oil seal




Impeller shaft


Power cable


Motor support




Inlet filter


Inducting element cover






Top bearing cover









10-Deep wel pump.jpg


MARSROCK developed a new generation deep well pump, equipped with high speed and high efficiency DC brush-less motor as the source of power.
Compared with convention deep well pump, this product is characterized by high speed, high efficiency, small size, light weight and intelligent operation. It can control the operation featuring constant current and constant voltage by means of pressure and flow. It can control the operation by limiting the floating ball and other methods.It can switch on and switch off by setting a time. It can perform water-less protection under the well and can protect pump motor from overheating and over-current automatically.The pump can show the working status of voltage, current, water pressure, flow and speed of motor and can sent out a code indication once failure occurs.




12-Synchronous motor.jpg




Rotor of our permanent magnet synchronous motor is made of rate earth magnet, driven by a diver which works when gap between rotor and winding differs. Pump speed is decided by its driver. Rotating magnetic field of motor and stator keep rotating synchronously.
It can work under constant power, speed, and torque with quick reflection and precise control. With constant speed, it can keep the head and flow unchanged in wide range of voltage.
Its efficiency is 15% to 20% higher than other single-phase asynchronous motor (include loss from motor and controller) and 7% to 10% higher than three-phase asynchronous motor. And if we equip three-phase asynchronous motor with frequency conversion controller, permanent magnet synchronous motor can be 10% to 13% higher than it.
It is equipped with a controller which adopts DC frequency inverter technology. This controller can protect the motor when it is over-heated, over current and over loaded.
Motor speed can be designed as required. When speed is high, motor size will be smaller and material cost will be lower.


11-Pump controller


This pump should be worked with our exclusive controller, The new generation solar water pump adopts advanced DC controller, the controller for this pump uses the latest DC inverter technology, have all kinds of functions, such as: soft start, constant pressure for water supply, also have the function especially for fountain, such as: simulation control, bus-mastering. Since the advanced design, the cost is lower, and take less time to keep maintenance. Mars Rock has experienced engineers to provide the suitable plan and good service after sale.
This pump works both at 50HZ and 60HZ, and also can remain the head and flow unchanged under wide voltage, output constant when the voltage pulsation happens. As this pump used high efficiency motor ( the max efficiency for motor is about 92%), the PF up to 0.99, after deducted the comprehensive loss of controller, the final efficiency still higher than the well pump driven by single phase asynchronous motor.






This pump is mainly used for all kinds of water supply and drainage, fountain, solar system and all other field requires deep well pump, widely used in industry, agriculture, petrochemical industry, medicinal industry and all kinds of water process. This pump has obvious advantages especially for those request high pump head and big power. It’s a new generation electromechanical integration well pump, and it would be the future direction of deep well pump development.
Basic Pump System Connection Method





Controller & Solar Panle Connection Method



2 pieces 24V solar panel in series connection.
Note:This is only one group, if power is not enough, just connect one or several groups and voltage will keep the same. Solar voltage means working voltage of solar panels, we mention 24V solar panel, and its open circuit voltage is 30-36V(changed with temperature)




MARS ROCK GROUP is a high-tech goup specializing in the R&D, manufacturer, and marketing of solar photovoltaic systems and solar products. Now as one of the most professional solar products manufacturer, based on self-produce and self-market management. Our beliefs are:
1.To grow together, to win together with you.
2.To guarantee our quality and competitive prices for you.
3.To give first-grade services to you.
Mars Rock MSC pump industry founded in 2008’, has always been committed to the continuous innovation of technology and management, the establishment of a complete quality management system, advanced pump test center, and excellent after-sales service department. 






15-PUMP Packing.jpg


1.What items is included in price?
solar pump+ pump controller+pump cable(1 meter or 5 meter to different model)
2.Can I buy the pump only without the controller?
No. Our pump can only work with our exclusive controller.
3.What kind of pump should I choose?
Please tell me your requirement of the pump Rated power, Body size, Head, Flow . We will help you to choose the best one which suitable for you.
4.How about the warranty?
The SZW series water solar pump’s warranty is one year.
5.Why there are two packed in one shipment?
Normally, there will be two boxes for one order. Because the pump is packed in cuboid and controller is packed in cube. It’s difficult to pack them together as the volume will be large.
But to Brazil buyer, only one package/carton/box is allowed by Brazilian custom in one shipment. So we have to arrange two shipping in one order. Of course this way will add some air cost but buyer must bear it.
6.Is the price includes the tax fee?
No. Only product cost + shipping cost has been included. Other costs, such as: tariff, additional charge remote districts service by express company without included. Buyer must pay for them if there will be such charge.
7.Can I declare lower value than my payment for order to avoid tax ?
According to Aliexpress policy, declare lower value than real payment is not be allowed. Especially to buyer from Brazil, the payment approve must be submitted when parcel arrives brazil custom. So before paying for your order, please contact with MARS ROCK sales to get other ways to avoid high tax. 
8.Why I received a solar pump with water?
Every pump must be tested in pool one by one before packed in factory. When you open and will find some water in package, for it has been tested in water.
9.To the whole solar water pump system, what kits should be ready? May I buy all from MARS ROCK ?
Yes, MARS ROCK can supply the whole system to you. It should includes:
Solar pump+ pump controller
Solar panel
PV mounting bracket
Others optional : Switch controller box(DC air switch, anti-thunder etc.), Floater, extension pump cable, combiner box
11.In order to get my cargo t in a short time, what other working should I check to MARS ROCK when I pay for my order now?
Your tax number( to Brazil, Chile,Argentina,Romania)
Your Full name (to Russia)
Your correct address with name, mobile, telephone, post cord.
Your contact ways: Email, Skype or other ways.