Telephoto Zoom Lens Bracket Support Holder 250mm Quick Release Plate Rail 1/4 3/8 for Benro S Video S6 S8 Monopod Head Parts

Telephoto Zoom Lens Bracket Support Holder 250mm Quick Release Plate Rail 1/4 3/8 for Benro S Video S6 S8 Monopod Head Parts
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Oписание продукта

The Benro SystemGo is a revolutionary new tripod system design.

The first truly modular adaptable support system for both photographers and videographers


Supporting photographers no matter what they shoot

Let\'s go shoot something, film something, create something extraordinary. Let\'s turn the world on it\'s edge, look at things from a different angle and do backflips over what\'s possible Let\'s take our favorite gear knowing that wherever we go, we have the most flexible and modular creative support system ever created; allowing us to bring our unique style and vision to life while growing and expanding with us as our vision changes. The Benro SystemGo won\'t ever let us down. In fact, it will lift us up, hold us up and help us take our work to the next level.
Let\'s go, Benro.


6 Patented Technologies
Benro System Go- The tripod support system that grows with you
System Go starts with a tripod and allows you to grow into an entire system. You can transform this tripod into a complete photo or video workstation by adding System Go components that allow more than simple camera mounts; from multi use platforms,extension columns, multiple head supports to slider assemblies and jib arms. This modular approach makes it easy to go from portrait photography to landscape to macro to food hotography all without the use of tools.
Whether you are using a small mirrorless camera, HDSLR or a full featured video camera there is a System Go for you. System Go is available in Go Travel or GoClassic designs, in both aluminum or carbon fiber and in three family sizes. With this large product offering you are assured to find a GoTripod that fits your needs


1.QIHM-8X+ Third Generation Super Strong Carbon Fiber New Cross Layer Weave Design
Superior strength, extreme durability, lightweight with excellent shock absorption

2.Center Column 90 Quick Lateral Positioning
( Patent#:201420159161.0)
For super convenient horizontal camera movements

3.Center Column 360 Quick Lateral Rotation
( Patent#:zL200820137201.6)
The center column of Benro Go Travel and GoClassic Tripods can be rotated 360 horizontally. Plus, calibrated index markings on the spider are a great convenience for panoramic photography and other special applications

4.Leg Detachment System(Transforms into Monopod and Walking Stick)
( Patent:#:zL200920055159.8)
The single leg with blue trim ring can be unscrewed and transformed into a Walking Stick or full sized Monopod

5.180 Reverse Folding Design
Minimizes storage space and enhances the tripod\'s portability

6.Fast Twist Leg Locks with Anti-Rotational System
The new twist leg locking system, offers extremely fast leg locking and additional stability. Benro\'s easy to use rubberized locking grips combined with anti-rotation legs enable fast and fumble-free set-up plus weather and dust-resistance not found on other tripods. And the twist leg lock strength has been increased by 10% compared to previous designs


Center Column with Quick 90° Lateral Positioning
(Patent No.:201420159161.0)
Simply change the position of the center column from vertical to horizontal without the use of any tools


Good Toughness. High Strength, Light Weight and Excellent Shock Absorption
The Third Generation Super Strong Carbon Fiber Tecnnology
Newly Cross Line Design
(Patent No.200720047347.7)
BENRO QIHM-8X high intensity carbon fiber material.utilizes a QUASI ISOTROPIC structure in an 8 layer tubular construction. Each layer alternates its axial direction distributing weight load in three dimensions The result is closer to theoretical perfection, producing a lighter but structurally very stable material with unimaginable strength Compared to other brands of carbon fiber tripods, BENRO QIHM-8X tubes are 40% stronger in load pressure and 80% stronger laterally. In total this equates to being 60% stronger than current competitive brands. Independent laboratory testing results indicate that other brands of carbon fiber tubes have breaking point of 84. 8kgs, while BENRO QlHM-8X has an amazing breaking point of 134.1 kgs


The First Choice for Pro Tripod
The spider of Benro tripod is made by magnesium with top technology, which brings excellent high strength and rigidity for tripod Benro now is the only brand that has the abilty to manufacture magnesium, which has essential
difference from other inland brands with forged aluminum.

. Excellent Shock Absorption
. Super Strong Impact Resistance
. Light Weight


Center Column with 360° Pan Rotation
( Patent No.zL200820137201.6)
A smooth 360° horizontal rotational movement, and an integrated scale with index makes the Goclassic perfect for Panoramic photography.

Central Column Pan Locking Knob
Loosen pan locking knob anticlockwise. Anyshootings at central column horizontaldirection can be realized

Multi Position Leg Angles for an extra measure of flexibility
Benro tripod legs can be independently locked into place at different angles to enable shooting in cramped quarters, on Irregular surface areas, or at ground level.


Transformable Leg
(Patent No. ZL200920055159.8)
Go from Tripod to Monopod. each GoClassic tripod can be easily converted to a monopod or walking stick without the use of any tools Simply combine the removable leg with an optional wooden knob to create a walking stick Or combine the center column to create a full size monopod.


Detachable Weight Hook
A hook, located on the bottom of the center-column, allows you to hang additional weight from the tripod\'s center of gravity for increased stability perfect if you are caught in windy locations.


New tube locking system
(Patent No :ZL200520060842.2)
1. new tube locking system more stable, straight, greatly improve stability of tripod
2.New locking system tighten and loosen more quickly

3. locking force increased 30% accordingly


3/8” Accessory Thread
A 3/8" Thread on the shoulder of the Go Travel tripod makes it easy to attach articulated arms to hold monitors or other accessories.


Modular Accessories Enhance Functionality


0° connector(Sold separately)
Dual Camera Mount Simply swing the column to the horizontal position and add the GoCoupler 0 Connector along with a head or if you want 2 upright camera mounting platforms simply slide two GoCoupler O\' Connectors to the column for variable positioning along the column length. If you need extra length just add a longer GoRail in place of the standard length column.


Option 1
Multi-camera Photography
Remove off the safety base and then mount one 0° connector on, then it can realize multi-camera photography, but distance of the two camera cannot be adjusted.


Option 2
Remove off the safety base and head support plate, mount one 0° connector on each of side, then it can realize multi-camera photography. Distance of the two cameras can be adjusted.


90° Connector( Sold separately)
If you want to safely support a computer and still have vertical column adjustment just simply flip the column to the horizontal position, add aa GoCoupler 90° connector to the end of the standard column, then add the second column. Top it off with a head for your camera. For the laptop simply add a GoCoupler 0° connector and a GoPlatform laptop computer tray.



Manual Slider( Sold separately)
The GoSystem allows you to introduce movement into your video shoots with the Manual GoSlider. Simply flip the column to the horizontal position and add the Manual GoSlider.