Rheumatoid Knee Joint Physiotherapy Instrument, Elbow, Shoulder Arthritis Pain, Infrared Magnetic Therapy Massage

Rheumatoid Knee Joint Physiotherapy Instrument, Elbow, Shoulder Arthritis Pain, Infrared Magnetic Therapy Massage
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In the process of making Chinese traditional medicine, we must be careful to use this pot to prevent scalding. Its foam is very rich and easy to vaporize and reach the transition edge. It is easy to break and cause electric shock.Therefore, we must pay attention to the use of hands, do not scald at the same time to prevent the foam volatile very serious, it is recommended to put in the second , The machine is divided into eight gears, please put it in the second gear.while shaking the foam to eliminate, thank you.

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foot bath

Foot bath by using  Chinese old famous top doctor Zhang Zhongjing\'s special medicine plus Infrared main and collateral channels energy instrument in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis


note: add 20g of medicine into the cooking jar . and then boil it for 12 minuts.  put it into the basin which on surface of the electric device .

the temperature keeps 40 degree, put your feet inside for 45 minutes . one day twice .






Folk have a saying: the hot water soaking, match eat ginseng. In fact, there\'s some scientific reason.
The foot is also called the body\'s second heart, this is because the modern scientific research has proved that the human feet there is reflection area should be relatively and the Zang fu organ, when the feet with warm water, can stimulate the reflex zones, promote blood circulation, regulate endocrine system, enhance the function of human organs, get health care effect of disease prevention cure. At the same time, the thermal stimulus will cause the microcirculation of the foot speed, making drug ingredients in water quickly absorbed directly into the blood circulation of the human body, so that the effect of soaking treatment is better than oral administration.
China\'s traditional Chinese medicine theory also have "four seasons: Spring feet, foot massage Kaiyang solid off; summer washs a foot, summer science can be cured; fall of feet, lung Runchang creep; winter feet, Nishida burn" records.


Warming Yang and cold dispelling Qufeng Tongluo Huoxue Zhitong gluten bone health
Warming Yang and cold dispelling, Qufeng meridians, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, suitable for rheumatic lumbocrural pain
Function: expelling wind and cold, promoting blood circulation, dehumidification pain, application of Ajuga pain and soft tissue to damage caused by wind cold invasion after swelling pain, chronic low back pain.
Recipe: Sophora flavescens, Atractylodes, Pericarpium zanthoxyli, Cortex Phellodendri, Radix Saposhnikoviae, Herba schizonepetae, licorice, angelica, cortex moutan.
The foot is the human body from the heart of the most distant locations in winter due to the cold stimulation, leg vasoconstriction, blood running obstacles, easy to induce a variety of diseases. Hot water to soak the foot is the foot bath, belonging to one of the Chinese foot law is a kind of commonly used external treatment. With hot bubble foot, not only refreshing, but also conducive to sleep. At the same time, in the water add some Chinese traditional medicine, can also play other roles. The hot water soaking can improve local blood circulation, getting out of the cold, promote metabolism, and ultimately achieve the purpose of health care. Their feet with traditional Chinese medicine suitable for beriberi also have a certain role.



The matters needing attention
Feet when, should pay attention to the following questions.
1, time can not be too long, the best control in 15--20 minutes. Time is too long, the local blood circulation of the feet long time too fast, the blood will be more flow to the lower limbs, can cause cardiovascular overload. And winter climate was dry, skin soak in hot water for too long, will cause the skin is too dry, prone to skin pruritus, therefore whether people which age to soak the foot, it is best to use moisturizing products after a certain, so that the skin to maintain a certain moisture.
2, the water temperature is not too high. Many people think that as long as their bear range, the temperature of the water is naturally more is better, it is not. The optimal soaking in water temperature below 50 DEG C, the requirements of hot but not hot, feel the water temperature not hand to measure, it is best to use the foot to feel. If the water temperature is too high, the feet of the excessive expansion of blood vessels easily, more flow to the lower limbs, but easy to cause heart, brain, kidney and other important organs insufficiency, adverse to the body.
3, half an hour after a meal should not foot, it will affect the stomach blood supply, over time will make people malnutrition.
4, can not sleep immediately after the foot bath. While heating the feet foot rub, timely socks to warm, the best to go to sleep again until the whole body slowly decreased after heat effect.
5, is best to use deep, bottom area of large wooden barrels or enamel basin, can let the feet comfortable horizon into them, and the best to let the water has soaked to the calf. The water temperature at 40 degrees Celsius is more appropriate, to always add hot water to keep the temperature uniformity.
The water should have a certain degree of heat, to 40 ~ 50 degrees Celsius advisable. By the foot can be endured for the degree, can play to stimulate the acupuncture point, medical treatment, health, physical role.
Water can not be too little, should generally be in flooded the ankle joint degree. Each soaking time 5~10 minutes is appropriate.
Do not soak the foot when reading, watching TV, so easy to achieve "pyrophoric Guiyuan" effect.
If there is no anti-bacterial treatment foot bath barrel is not thorough cleaning or bucket wall, feet bacteria easy to remain in the barrel wall, caused by repeated infection on foot, so choose the foot bath barrel good is very important.

Anti-Rheumatoid arthritis



Health principle

The motherland medicine thinks main and collateral channels theory, the viscera self-contained three yin meridians (spleen, liver, kidney) beginning, ankle the following 66 points. It seems that in Chinese medicine, a hot foot bath as moxibustion with moxa these points as, promote blood supply, warm the viscera, health and disease prevention efficacy. Determination of modern medicine, people feel most comfortable foot temperature is maintained at 28 to 33 deg. The elderly to hardening of the arteries, reduce blood supply of the foot, the cold more than the young, the soles of the feet cold cold, can make the body resistance to decline, suffering from the disease. Therefore, keep feet warm, every night, their feet with hot water, can make systemic blood circulation, beneficial to the physical and mental health.
Foot health science basis from the following four principles:
(1) the holographic principle: it is pointed out that biological holographic theory: in human bipedal are objective existence of organs and the various body organs corresponding to the region, namely reflection area. The physiological function of regulating the various body organs organs by stimulating the reflex zones of the can, so as to achieve the purpose of disease treatment and self health care. Double foot has 62 basic reflection area, like a microcosm of the human body, it is time to pay attention to the health condition of each part of the human body. Regularly by Chinese herbal medicine foot massage to stimulate the reflex zones, can increase the drug absorption, accelerate the drug distribution, stimulate the dual role of induction and drugs in the reflection area, promote blood unobstructed, adjustment of each tissue and organ function, improve the pathological changes of the Zang Fu organs, improving body immunity.
(2) meridian principle: as early as thousands of years ago in "Huangdi Neijing" records: Yin pulse in single step, and gathered in the foot heart. The so-called meridian line, three through on foot. Both the three yin meridians of foot is the starting point, three yang meridians of the six meridians of the foot end, well, Ying, Yu, the original points are located in the foot. In these meridians on double foot has a total of 66 points, these points are very sensitive to various stimuli, acupoint and closely related to body organs and organs, by Chinese herbal medicine foot bath can promote blood running, warm viscera function, so as to achieve external treatment for internal diseases, the disease under the effect of the treatment.
(3) cycle principle: as we all know, our lower limb as the farthermost from the heart, blood circulation is not very good, but the organs blood circulation is the small blood vessels, so the blood reflux is worse. The use of herbal foot, hand due to thermal effects, drug action can accelerate blood circulation to lower limb and visceral in the blood also joined in the systemic circulation, so that the body of toxins and waste excreted through the metabolism. On the other hand, the foot of the capillaries and nerve endings are very rich, through stimulation of these points expansion foot blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, strengthen the sensitive degree of nerves enter the medicine ion, the drug performance rapidly by Qi meridian conduction effective body, again stimulating effect of the foot reflex zones, jointly regulate the function of organs, thereby play the role of therapy and health care.
(4) physical principle: in the Chinese herbal medicine foot bath process, through the heat effect, pressure effect, drug ion movement and other physical factors, stimulation of the foot, to stimulates the body\'s own adjustment function, promote the body to produce resistance function, enhance immune function, reduce the release of bioactive substances from inhibition or, to adjust the viscera metabolism and the efficacy of preventing and curing diseases. At the same time in the biological energy of negative ions under the action of the pituitary gland, brain nerve cells and lymphocytes to maximize is activated, and then improve the antibody substances on the bacteria and virus identification and killing function, promote the body of toxins with sweat, urinary system excretory organ out of the body.




Product Name senior Chinese health fumigation machine[Model] YF-880Rated voltage  AC-220VRated frequency] 50Hz[Rated Power] 880W[NW] 1.9KG  Packaging specification 220 * 270 * 270mm[Color] taken in kind, as shown in Figure[Configuration] YF-880 steam engine, ultra-thin remote control, a user manual, a set of kit accessories[Service] fumigation machine lifetime maintenance, one year free warranty







The functional Features:1 heat insulation: the bottom of the product with a heating device, efficient heating, allows you peace of mind to enjoy the fun of care foot bath in the most comfortable temperature.2 adjustable steam: can effectively control and maintain a comfortable body temperature. The boot can be in the 1-8 file between the free to regulation, to reach the the the temperature of the of you to set the. This will automatically maintain a constant temperature, allowing you to enjoy the fumigation massage bring you comfort3 timing: 1-99 minutes timer, shut down automatically after the set time is reached.4. Convenient operation design: functional operation of push-button simple design, detailed annotation of the corresponding functional operation, even if the children are not around, the elderly can easily use.5 wireless remote control function: the creation of a wireless remote control, so you do not need to bend over, freedom to operate, convenient for the elderly to use.6. The use of 304 stainless steel liner, than usual of the to be thick.7 This product can be straight pot of traditional Chinese medicine, to generate steam in about 11 minutes, quick and easy.Products adapt to the crowd1. Need health care in the elderly;2. The computer are with to be used for a long, the need for timely supplement the of cerebral blood supply to the all kinds of professional and persons, as such as teachers, civil servants, white-collar workers and and so on on;3 foot movement frequency more staff: such as athletes, dancers, acrobats, military police, the driver, salesman;Poor sleep, lack of energy, a large crowd of working pressure;5. Poor metabolism, obesity, long-term-smoking, the of the crowd of who seldom exercise; Product use1) You can take a small bag of traditional Chinese medicine into the fumigation machine, water can not exceed the specified level line, steam conduit, fumigation machine, tub connection (be sure to pay attention to the flow), and then connected to 220V power, time adjustment 1-99 minutes. The temperature adjust the sub-eight stalls, and for every drop the a file power to reduced by 10%. The user can according to their own preferences, temperature regulation;2, adjust the time and temperature after the fumigation machine start working after 11 minutes to produce steam!  Note:1, should be to avoid the water droplets has been spilled wet fumigation machine power switch, or to enter the the cause a short circuit within the the machine., Fumigation machine must ensure that the addition of water, in order to turn on the power switch.3, fumigation machine after use, make sure the power is turned off, the water and the machine immediately removed and the inside of the machine clean.4, the machine has a the overheating circuit protection device, dried up the water of the machine to overheating will automatically shut down power, the need to add water sensor reset to boot.5, the the working power of voltage range of the fumigation machine need to identifies the log in the bottom shell on the label, If the You can not confirm that to the supply of the voltage can be Consult the dealer or local power company.6, when the fumigation machine long-term do not use the, please cut off the power supply. Doing so can prevent the damage by electric shock and abnormal supply voltage during a lightning storm.7, can not let the the are set out of push any object into the slot on, The socket load capacity should be in the on the more than 10A years, and otherwise it will cause a fire or electric shock.8, you can not to open the shell, so as not to a risk of be subjected to high-pressure or other danger due. If so can failure, please one of these contact the directly with the the after-sales service personnel. Using9, the customer you want to all times maintain a the the amount of water in the pot, the the life of the of the dry burning cause the machine to shorten the.10, Dear Customer, When the the when you receipt of the goods, be sure to When the the courier surface to opened the package inspection sign,, if any, defect, please reject the and contact us immediatelyPedicures and foot bath of self-cultivation methodThe pedicures keeping in good health law is a kind of closely related to the with the people\'s daily lives mass Health Act. It absorbs the essence of the ancient massage technique, has taken the core content of modern medicine bath and foot massage technique is based on a meridian theory and modern scientific research, wash the basic content to traditional massage technique and traditional Chinese medicine, based on the partial adjustment in the overall, other than the governance pure physical therapy, are part of the natural medicine, its widespread use is the manifestation of the charm of Chinese medicine for thousands of years.- The principle of the foot bathModern medicine has proved that human aging is starting from the feet. Clouds on the soles of the feet of people a lot of blood vessels, so in some foreign scientists to the soles of the feet are called the "second heart". Numerous nerve endings on the soles of the feet, and is closely linked with the brain, foot health is not only related to people\'s health, and life. Therefore, adherence to the before going to sleep daily feet with hot water, not only clean the body, you can also prevention and treatment of athlete\'s foot, foot chapped, chilblains as well as lower extremity edema, lower extremity not warm embolism. Through the meridians the role of at the same time can also be prevention and treatment of other diseases, such as: neurasthenia, night frequent urination, constipation, vertigo, insomnia, arthritis and other. Athletes, long-distance walking and exercise for the elderly, washed with hot feet, can play a relieve fatigue, improve sleep, improve appetite.Indications and efficacy of footIndications: mental impotence, migraine headaches, knee and ankle joints numbness cramps, kidney, backache petrified, pain, indigestion, foot odor, sweat too much psychosis famous was the treatment or adjuvant therapy.2, effect: "Spring feet, Sun fixed off; summer feet, summer can be cured; fall feet, moisten the lung intestines; winter feet, pubic temperature burning."Before going to sleep with hot water your feet, and not only there are a sense of comfortable, there are the effect of of the curative effect, but also to improve the sleep to, delaying the the aging, longevity. From the Chinese medicine meridian theory, human organs have corresponding points in the feet. Foot foot yin meridians starting point is the termination point by foot Sanyang, there are more than 60 points below the ankle. The Taichong, hidden white, too River, springs and other points can often stimulate the foot, can play a nourishing strength, strong waist and sinews, anti-aging, extend the role of the life.Third, the Footbath the treatment of the principles of the all age diseases1, were Chinese medicine practitioners the\'s illness of the pedicures Governance five internal organs and think that the (in Chinese): Zuxin and kidney, heart, liver, is connected to the lung and, As the the the renal veins with the the is connected to the lung Xinmaitong and, Therefore, the on the Zuxin of meridians and cycle in which the directly with the the renal heart hepatopulmonary interlinked. The Chinese also believe that the way of the sole and is connected to the spleen. Therefore, foot by way of the sole treatment of diseases of the five internal organs. According to this characteristic, the pedicures the treatment of five heart disease the principle of to you and that is, the use of the the method of combining of foot the corresponding reflex zones and foot the corresponding the meridians through the line line. In the bath method to use more hot water bath and dry bath.2 foot governance features TCM that Zuxin diaphragm, larynx, tongue interlinked, so the clinical Zuxin therapy sore throat, mouth sores disorders best effect. The pedicure treatment of facial disease principles, the the foot facial reflection point and stimulate the five toes of the foot way, in order to achieve the purpose of hemostasis and analgesic. In the shower on the use of the cold bath and dry bath.3, foot governance spine, chest and abdomen disease TCM think: Zuxin and lower extremity connected \'kidney meridian from the toe, inclined to go the way of the sole, the trailing edge line on the inside of the lower extremity; and kidney meridian from the abdomen midline 0.5-inch laden umbilical upstream chest, the Zuxin is connected to the spine, chest and abdomen. Foot treatment of spinal, abdominal disease using the appropriate method of foot section with the body section, which stimulate the foot joint to treat spinal joints, use of Yongquan stimulation As for the chest and abdomen illness. Bath method to use more hot water bath, bath smoked.4, the foot bath governance lumbar TCM: Zuxin connected to the waist: the way of the sole is a kidney, waist kidney House. With its cure diseases principles with the 3 the same.5, foot bath the Governance item back pain Chinese medicine believes that (in Chinese): Zuxin with the the item back interlinked. Medical treatment principles and the same.The 6 foot yin TCM: Zuxin Yam connected. The vaginal device, that is, men and women external genitalia. Cure mainly to stimulate the little toe joints. The bathed method to use more the dry bath and smoked bath method.7, foot bath Governance ear disease Chinese medicine practitioners think that the (in Chinese): in Zuxin and ears, interlinked. Zuxin is a kidney ECONOMY IN AREAS OF COMMUNICATIONS, while the kidney opens into the ear. When medical treatment to stimulate the big toe site. The bathed method smoked bath and bath.8., Foot bath Governance mind disease Chinese medicine believes that (in Chinese): Zuxin is communicated with the mind. Spine the case of to Ren Mai, Du Channel, built-in the spinal cord, straight-through in the brain, while the Foot Shao Yin Kidney by the, "oblique to go the Zuxin all, and through the the ridge within the". The therefore Zuxin through Du is connected to the brain. Use more treatment to stimulate Yongquan, the bathing use more Chinese smoked bath, cold bath, hot water bath.



Zhang Zhongjing (about AD 150 ~ 154 years -- about AD 215 ~ 219 years), a machine, word Zhongjing, Han, Nanyang in the Eastern Han Dynasty Nie Yang (now Henan Dengzhou rang East Town) people. The Eastern Han Dynasty famous medical scientist, was later known as the san.
Zhang Zhongjing\'s extensive collection of medical, write the great American novel "Treatise on Febrile Diseases". On the treatment principle of dialectical its established, is the basic rule of clinical medicine, is the soul of traditional Chinese medicine. In the study of prescriptions, "Treatise on Febrile and miscellaneous diseases" have made great contribution in many forms, create, and recorded many effective prescription. The principle of treatment with the establishment of the six meridian syndrome differentiation, admired ancient medical home.
This is China\'s first from theory to practice, the establishment of syndrome differentiation and treatment rules of medical monographs, is one of the most influential works in the history of Chinese medicine, is a classical work of later scholars study Chinese essential, widely by medical students and doctors attention.
Zhang Zhongjing in Chinese
A ZhangZhongJing
Don\'t name a machine
Chinese Han nationality
Han nationality
Born in Nanyang County Negin Yang county (rang Dong Zhen Zhang Zhai Cun, now Henan Dengzhou city)
Date of birth in about AD 150 ~ 154 years (Geng Yinnian)
Date of death in about AD 215 ~ 219 years
Professional doctor
Faith in medicine
The main achievement was later known as the San
The representative works of "Treatise on Febrile Diseases"
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