OUSSIRRO 1000ml Liquor Beer Alcohol Gun Pump Gas Station Bar Family Beer Beverage Water Juice Dispenser Machine Bar Dining Room

OUSSIRRO 1000ml Liquor Beer Alcohol Gun Pump Gas Station Bar Family Beer Beverage Water Juice Dispenser Machine Bar Dining Room
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Oписание продукта


Easy Electric Countertop Alcohol Moonshine Distiller Full Stainless Steel Boiler



1CE approved.

2. Easy to operate, no installation required

3. Produces water of the safest and cleanest condition

4. Seamless round shaped exterior

5. Durable, yet lightweight and compact enough to travel with

6. Effectively removes most tap water impurities


Technical Parameters

Rating Voltage

220-240V AC,50HZ



Water Measurement




Inner size


Package Size


Outer Size




Package Includes:
1 ×750ml Mason Jar
1 × Alcohol Meter 
1 × 10L Fermentation Barrel 
1 × Water Distiller Set with British standard plug


Product Description

Making your own alcohol at home can be very easy with this countertop distiller. Using a traditional pot still that has a stock pot base and copper pipe tubing can be very clumsy and tedious to use. Using your stove top to maintain the correct temperature is next to impossible and using the sink or a pump to cool the vapors is pain to set up and take apart. Not to mention frustrating having to hide different parts around the house to disguise the fact you have your own still.
This countertop still can store out in the open and is easy to operate, just plug it in. If you haven’t operated a still/distiller before, the main concept is this. Water boils around 212 degrees and alcohol boils at 172 degrees. If you have water with alcohol in it, the alcohol will boil out first. The key is to cook it slow and collect the alcohol before the water boils. This distiller has been modified to run on reduced wattage that allows the boiling process to maximize the production of alcohol. Regular water distillers cook at a much higher temperature and will not work for alcohol distillation. You will end up with low % of alcohol or a boiled over mess. Once the unit slowly heats to produce the alcohol vapors, the cooling coil on top of the unit condenses the vapor back to liquid alcohol and drips down into your collection jar.
This unit does not limit the boiler temperature. I have modified distillers with this modification in the past and the reduced temperatures do not allow the boiler to build enough head pressure to fully collect your alcohol. This unit has a modified heating element to control how fast the boiler heats, allowing the alcohol to fully separate itself from the water and be collected fully without the water diluting the final product.