High precision china supplier trim cnc router for arts and crafts, cnc trimming machine

High precision china supplier trim cnc router for arts and crafts, cnc trimming machine
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Oписание продукта

4 AXIS 200W CNC 3020 Router Milling Engraving Machine Wood PCB\'S Carving


·         With four axis(rotary axis) and tailstock

·         Simple operation and installation

·         More steady and strong equiped with aluminum alloy frame materials

·         With USB function

·         Can be controlled by desktop computer and laptop

·         Mach 3 software is simple and intelligent ( Need to match with parallel port cable)

·         Can control the engraving more precise

·         Emergency stop button enhance security

·         Large 3D engraving in soft wood,MDF board,native wood,PVC,Acrylic we suggest use one or two spiral flute ball bits.

·         Can engraving much more materials by spiral flute bits,such as metal,steel,MDF board,solid wood,composite board plywood,stone

·         Spindle motor knob is useful for small positioning adjustment ,with steady and strong support structure.

·         Cover plates reducing pollution for the screws and shafts.

·         The reinforced and thickened machine body make transportation absolutely to be safer and longer life time.

·         The chrome shafts is not easy to deform,suitable for long time use.

·         Flexible coupling can be used for high torque transmission.

·         High Precision Stepping motor makes engraving more precise .



  1. Effective working travel:200(X)mm*300(Y)mm*50(Z)mm
  2. Shape dimension:550x400*350mm
  3. Max.workpiece dimension:200mm*300mm<65mm
  4. Work table dimension:200mm*300mm*15mm
  5. Carving deepth: 55mm
  6. Frame materials:aluminum alloy 6063 and 6061
  7. Driving units X axis:1204 trapezoidal screws
  8. Driving units Y axis:1204 trapezoidal screws
  9. Driving units Z axis:1204 trapezoidal screws
  10. Sliding units X axis:Dia.13mm chrome plate shafts
  11. Sliding units Yaxis:Dia.16mm chrome plate shafts
  12. Sliding units Z axis:Dia.12mm chrome plate shafts
  13. Stepping motor type:57 two-phase 1.8°-2A
  14. Spindle motor:200w dc motor,NEW
  15. Principal axis collet:ER11/3.175 mm
  16. Spindle speed:300 ~ 8000rpm/min (PWM stepless speed regulation)
  17. Repeat accuracy:0.05mm
  18. Empty line speed:0-2000mm/min (16 subdivided driving down)
  19. Spindle precision:radial beat acuities 0.03 mm
  20. Control unit:triaxial one-piece drive + ring variable power + PWM speed
  21. Carving Instructions:G code/TAB files/nc file/NCC files
  22. Communication interface:through parallel connection with computer
  23. Software environment:Windows 2000 / xp
  24. Carving speed:0-2000mm/min (different materials differ)
  25. Machine weight:24k


Control box parameters:


  1. Operating Voltage:220V 50/60Hz(we also stock USA.UK.EU.AU.plugs.)
  2. Control unit:2A stepping motor driver plus adjustable spindle speed controller
  3. Computer connection:USB
  4. Command code:G code
  5. Acceptable software:Mach3,EMC2
  6. Protection:Emergency stop button




·         CNC3020 is suitable for Industry,Technology Research,Advertising Design,Arts Creation,Teaching,Student Project and Hobby Purposes.CNC3020 is a desktop CNC machine and designed for processing Industrial or Hobby Prototype Building, Building Model Making,PCB,Advertising Signs,Artwork,Crafts,Aircraft Models,RC Model parts,etc.So,you can do engraving work at office or home.

·         Exquisite 3020 is a miniature version of mobile longmen structure of carving machine,put on you computer is like putting a printer or scanner that coordination,and can completely as a compute peripherals tools,anywhere,anytime, help you to design intent fast real appear.Nonmetal materials on the milling,and it can also be used to carving simple PCB/CNC.




·         This 3020 engraver is a user-friendly desktop engraving machine for those with limited space and /or a limited budget. The Computerized  CNC Engraving and Cutting Machine is suitable for various materials, such as WOOD, PMMA or other plastic,MDF board,native wood,PVC,Acrylic, wood,composite board plywood,It can be used widely to process or make advertising signs,PCB,nameplates,badges,seals,bronzing plate,aluminium alloy,acryl plates,ABS resin double color plate,PVC foaming board,indentation plates,signs,construction models,instrument panels,wooden products,etc.


1.Assembling and locating the CNC machine on steady desk well.

2.Installing a CNC control software and Drive such as the MACH 3 or EMC2 on your computer.


3.Connecting the control box with the CNC machine and you computer.

4.Following our manual or guideline to set uo the software.

5.You can enjoy making you dream with using our CNC machine now.



Package Content


1× Engraving machine
1× Control box
1× USB cable
1× Power cable(we also stock 220V power version and USA.UK.EU.AU.plugs for the country all over the world.)
1× Tool box and tools
3× Axis motors
1pcs rotary axis and tailstock


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